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Sometimes bears chase bisons

November 4, 2010

Nature is a beautiful thing. It gives us meteor showers, waterfalls, double rainbows and sometimes it even gives us a bear chasing a bison.

No one knows what started the argument between this ferocious bear and the injured bison. Land dispute? Fighting over food? Cheating at poker? Whatever the reason, grand majesty followed.

Alex Wypyzinski (come again?) was in Yellowstone National Park when he stumbled upon this little tit-for-tat. Luckily for Wypyzinski he had his camera handy. Sadly, the tale has a somewhat downer ending. Who would have expected that?

[Thanks to HuffPo]


Kanye hurt Bush’s feelings

November 4, 2010

America’s sweetheart, George W. Bush, said that Kanye West’s public criticism of him after Hurricane Katrina (remember “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”? Hilarious! Comedy gold, Kanye!) was one of the most “disgusting” moments of his presidency. While out promoting his new work of fiction book Decision Points, the former commander-in-chief sat down with Matt Lauer where he had this to say about the rapper’s comments:

“That [means], ‘He’s a racist,’ […] and I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.”

I don’t want to tell George Bush how to do his job but is this really what you should be talking about? Is this truly one of the lowest moments of your time in office? I mean, seriously? Of all the crazy, zany trouble you got into during those eight years, this is the one that keeps you up at night? Not the torture in Iraq? Not the dead soldiers in Iraq? Not Iraq?

I know it hurts to be criticized but George Bush was criticized by practically everybody on this planet. You were the worst, George! Everyone was ragging on you! Of all those people, Kanye’s opinion is the one that matters most? I’ll let you in on a little secret, George: Kanye West is fucking insane. Have you read his Twitter account?

Maybe Bush is just bringing this up now because he knows Kanye has been prone to apologizing lately. West’s mouth got him into trouble not too long ago and he’s been very polite and subdued lately. Perhaps G.W. thinks Kanye will see this interview and decide to publicly recant his statements. Maybe then America will consider Bush’s terms in office a success. Because to George Bush, the only stain on his presidency was Kanye’s outburst. Things were fine aside from that!

Decision Points hits stores November 9th in both hardcover and pop-up edition.

Don Draper says “what” a lot

November 3, 2010

Who loves Don Draper more than I do? No one (NO ONE, YOU UNDERSTAND?!). For MAD MEN fans like myself, this little video is a cute reminder of all the confounding things Don hears. I’d like to think this is all a coincidence but knowing Matthew Weiner, it’s probably some master plan to highlight the close-minded nature of Don Draper and the men of the 1960’s.

Still, it’s funny.

This is the BEST sign

November 2, 2010

There were a lot of great signs at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear. However, this one takes the cake…or should I say bacon.

For those who don’t know (how could you not know?) here’s the video that birthed the meme:

See more funny signs here.

Gays can’t have kids, you guys

October 29, 2010

Holy shit, I never realized this! If we legalize gay marriage then our whole way of life will be destroyed.

Get this: gays started getting married. Gays can’t have kids, think about it! Several generations from now, the entire world will be dwindled down to a few thousand people because everyone is off getting gay married and not getting pregnant. It’ll be like CHILDREN OF MEN only Clive Owen will be engaged to a dude!

But seriously, the procreation argument is perhaps one of the silliest reasons why people oppose gay marriage. Do you really think same-sex couples will somehow bring about the end of mankind? What about the straight married couples who don’t have kids, should they be allowed?

When you think about it, opposing gay marriage for any reason is pretty silly. The Bible said so? Well, The Bible doesn’t dictate the law. Straight marriage is tradition? Yeah and so was slavery. It’ll bring about the death of the human race? No, no it won’t. No it definitely, absolutely won’t.

Gay marriage is still a hot topic in Iowa (where it’s legal). This video showcases a small group of protestors who are trying to take marriage back for the straight people. Gays have had it for too long!

A movie for every state!

October 27, 2010

I apologize for my absence lately. I’ve been busy! I’ve been writing, working, prepping a podcast (more on that soon) and playing lots (and lots) of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS.

But I won’t let my personal life disrupt my constant flow of useless shit for you to look at. Today, we have a map of The United States. As you can see, each state is labeled with a movie that takes place in said state. My state, Oregon, is THE GOONIES. I’m not the world’s biggest GOONIES fan to be honest. In fact, I’d rather have ROBOCOP but I’m terrified of Michigan.

Some of the choice are too easy (TORA! TORA! TORA! – really?) but some of them are pretty great (SUPER TROOPERS, CHILDREN OF THE CORN). What did your state get?

Hat tip to the Coen Brothers, whose films occupy three states (four if you count THE EVIL DEAD).

[Via Blame it on the Voices]


October 21, 2010

I won’t get into it now because I could talk about it for hours but I effing love the god damn TWILIGHT ZONE. Ask anyone who knows me, if I have access to a TV on The Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve, it’s all TWILIGHT ZONE, all the time.

If there’s a Heaven, it’ll be me watching THE TWILIGHT ZONE, while playing FALLOUT, while reading Stephen King, while drinking orange juice. Oh, and my girlfriend will be there too. Unless she’s not dead yet. I mean, I don’t want to drag her along into the afterlife if she’s still breathing.

Anyway, over at VeryAware (which I’m sure you’ve already been to today!) I’ve created a list of five episodes that would make great movies. In case you haven’t heard, a new TWILIGHT ZONE film is in development. Seeing as how I’m such a massive fan, I thought my two cents were important. I expect a call from Leonardo DiCaprio any day now.

Anyway, follow this link to read. I’d post it here but…you know…lazy.

[What are you doing, head to VeryAware!]