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Gays can’t have kids, you guys

October 29, 2010

Holy shit, I never realized this! If we legalize gay marriage then our whole way of life will be destroyed.

Get this: gays started getting married. Gays can’t have kids, think about it! Several generations from now, the entire world will be dwindled down to a few thousand people because everyone is off getting gay married and not getting pregnant. It’ll be like CHILDREN OF MEN only Clive Owen will be engaged to a dude!

But seriously, the procreation argument is perhaps one of the silliest reasons why people oppose gay marriage. Do you really think same-sex couples will somehow bring about the end of mankind? What about the straight married couples who don’t have kids, should they be allowed?

When you think about it, opposing gay marriage for any reason is pretty silly. The Bible said so? Well, The Bible doesn’t dictate the law. Straight marriage is tradition? Yeah and so was slavery. It’ll bring about the death of the human race? No, no it won’t. No it definitely, absolutely won’t.

Gay marriage is still a hot topic in Iowa (where it’s legal). This video showcases a small group of protestors who are trying to take marriage back for the straight people. Gays have had it for too long!

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