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The New York Times and me

September 9, 2010

As you may know, New York Times chairman and publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr said that The Times will “stop printing…sometime in the future.”

That’s pretty huge. No New York Times? No breaking news in print? No late edition? No crossword? Obviously, the internet can provide to many more people at lower costs so it makes fiscal sense why the NYT would cancel printing. But, still, sad.

However, I think I should make an offer to the The Times, as one blogger to another.


Buy my website, god dammit!

Buy my website, please! I’ll sell it for a low price! A really low price! You just have to give some cash, maybe a free subscription and it’s yours!

I know it’s called and I know it’s a wordpress blog but don’t be a dick, New York Times. Buy my god damn website and give me some money NOW. Look to your right, I already set up the links! Links are taken care of! Also, plenty of categories and tags. That’s like, what, fifteen minutes taken care of for you. This place sells itself.

I’ll tell you what, New York Times, throw in a couple extra bucks and I’ll even make a new header for you. I’ve got some sweet Photoshop skills (not really) and I’d gladly copy and paste your old logo onto the top of the site.

This is prime internet real estate, New York Times, and all for a low, low price! Don’t be a doofus!

Okay, I might have gotten carried away there. I know you’re not supposed to barrage your potential business partner with curse words but I’m really passionate about this, New York Times. So, Arthur Sulzberger Jr, if you have any interest in buying a new, hardly-used website for your newspaper’s future, contact me.

Another thing, I want to be gossip editor. Because I can zing with the best of them.

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