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Movie fans, rejoice!

September 8, 2010

That noise you heard is the collective gasp of movie nerds everywhere as two substantial stories broke today.


First, Martin Freeman, star of THE OFFICE and currently BBC’s SHERLOCK, is actually, really, honest-to-God in talks to star as Bilbo Baggins in THE HOBBIT. Freeman’s always been my first choice but MGM and New Line finally seem agree with me! Better yet, his paycheck is going to be quite hefty. Don’t forget who was rooting for you from the beginning, Martin.

In other, nerdier news:


The big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER is moving forward and it’s going to be massive. Three movies, two TV seasons, millions and millions of dollars.

It’s too beautiful. Should have…sent…a poet.

Also, Super Mario Galaxy 2 arrived in the mail for me today. Nerdiest day ever? No, because I showered.

[Stories thanks to Very Aware]

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